Clear Wave Tape with Hooks for DIY S-Fold!

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Perfect for the DIY curtain sewer, our clear wave tape is sold by the meter and allows you to transform your conventional curtain track in to the stylish S-Fold heading (see notes below), or refresh your existing S-Fold hanging system with an updated look at a fraction of the cost.

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For more information about Sewing Your Own S-Fold Curtains, our blog has a DIY guide you'll love!  You're welcome! 🙂

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Product Description

The tape is made of stiff but malleable webbed nylon and is 75mm wide so it’s easy to sew and provides excellent stability for your curtain heading. As it is clear, it also extremely handy for sheer drapes.

Featuring a single row of loops at the back, the clear wave tape comes complete with heavy duty white plastic hooks.   Hooks should be placed every 8 loops (or 120mm apart) which creates an S-fold curve of approximately 60mm wide (see attached diagram) and 100mm deep.  

When calculating your tape and fabric requirements, please be advised this tape is designed for S-Fold curtains at 100%  or DOUBLE fullness.  That means the S-Fold tape should be approximately double the length of your curtain track.  


  • To use the clear wave tape on a conventional track you will need DOUBLE the amount of rings or runners, compared to traditional pleated headings.
  • S-Fold tracks have internal runners which are joined by equally spaced lengths of cord.  This internal cord ensures the uniformity of the S heading as you open and close the curtain.
  • Conventional curtain tracks, on the other hand, have free-wheeling rings or runners.  Therefore using the clear wave tape on a conventional track will create an S heading which will be more casual and less structured.  The clear wave tape is made of a webbed, malleable nylon plastic which will mould in to form and develop a memory with patience and time.  We recommend fashioning the S-fold on your conventional track and letting it sit stacked tightly for a few days to allow the fabric/tape to settle.

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