Price Matching Policy

Our Commitment To The Best Prices On The Brands The Professionals Use!

At Decorators Market, we are committed to ensuring our customers are getting value for money when it comes to decorating their homes. We genuinely believe we offer the best prices online when it comes to brand name designer fabrics, quality curtain hardware, orcustom window dressings made by Australia’s leading workrooms. For this reason, we will make every effort to match the price of a competitive quote for any of our designer products. Now you can be confident that Decorators Market is not only the most convenient way to shop for custom window dressingsdesigner fabrics and home decorating products – but it’s also the most affordable!

Here’s how the Decorators Market price matching policy works:

  • We will match the price for any product sold through our online store, including designer fabrics, curtain hardware, custom curtains and Roman blinds (unfortunately we do not offer price matching on Roller Blinds)
  • The quoted products must be identical, including the same manufacturer, brand, design, size, colour, condition and specifications
  • The products must be current stock and not remnants, ex-display, faulty, discontinued or clearance stock
  • The quoted price must be the advertised retail price of products and must not be a wholesale, trade, clearance or sale / promotional price
  • The products must be sold by an Australian based business only (we cannot match the prices of overseas business’ selling to Australian customers) and sold through an approved supplier or distributor of that product

Some additional points to consider when it comes to comparing prices:

  • Bulk discounts are often applied for larger fabric orders, and therefore we are happy to match the per metre price of any fabric provided its for the same required quantity
  • With custom made curtains, there are many manufacturing considerations that can have a significant impact on the overall price. To provide customers with a like-for-like price comparison, we will require the following information: fabric details, curtain fullness, side draw or centre opening, heading style and lining type
  • Some companies will itemise each component of a custom made product. We are happy to match these itemised prices provided it is part of the same custom order, and not for a single item order

To take advantage of our price matching policy, please email [email protected] with either of the following:

  • A link to the product being advertised on a competitor’s website, OR
  • A copy of the written quote for the product showing the relevant product details, specifications and price

Note that Decorators Market reserves the right to choose not to match the price of any quoted product if doing so would be considered unreasonable and would result in a loss to Decorators Market.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Decorators Market at [email protected] or on (02) 9144 1702 should you have any questions.