How To: Measure for Blinds

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Some important points before you begin

  • Decorators Market does not add or subtract any measurement allowances and will manufacture precisely according to the dimensions that you specify on your order.  If you require any assistance with making any allowances, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further advice.
  • Decorators Market recommends using a retractable metal tape to measure.
  • Never assume that your windows, floors and ceilings are perfectly square.  Measure at several points across the window and work off the smallest measurement.
  • Decorators Market processes your order in millimetres (mm).  Be very careful of making errors when converting feet and/or inches, or centimetres to millimetres.
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STEP ONE: Measuring the Width

The width of your blind will be depend on whether you intend for your blind/s to sit either (A) within the window reveal or (B) on the outside surrounds of the window.

For blinds installed within the window recess, measure horizontally inside-edge to inside-edge.  Take the measurements at multiple points and work off the smallest measurement to ensure the blind hangs freely.  Submit this measurement to Decorators Market on your order form.  Decorators Market will make the necessary deductions at the factory to allow for brackets and the control mechanism (approximately 15mm gap either side).

If you wish for your blinds to sit on the outside of the window surrounds, measure the distance between where you plan to install the brackets.  For maximum coverage, Decorators Market recommends the blind to be at least 40mm wider than the glass or frame.  No deductions will be made during manufacturing for externally mounted blinds.

QUICK TIP: A window reveal should be at least 100mm deep for the blind to fit properly and neatly within the surrounds. A shallow window reveal may cause the blind to project beyond the surrounds of the window, creating light gaps and compromising on insulation and privacy.

For blinds installed on the outside of the window reveal, measure the outside of your window reveal including the window frame if you have one. The finished width of the blind should ideally go past the window frame by an additional 10-40mm either side of the window frame to ensure maximum coverage and reduce light gaps.

STEP TWO: Measuring the Drop

The finished drop of the blind is from the top of the headboard to your desired length – either to the sill or floor.

Floor length blinds should sit approximately 20mm off the floor for clearance (this also allows some extra drop as the blind “settles” after hanging).

QUICK TIP: For roman blinds, the stacking of the fabric folds will take up approximately 15-20% of the total drop when the blind is completely open.  It is important to take this stacking allowance in to consideration as the fabric folds sitting in front of the glass will reduce light flow.

In the above room, streamlined roller blinds which “disappear” against plain walls provide practical solution without detracting from the view.
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