6 Quick Tips To Keep Your Furnishings Looking Beautiful

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If you’re planning to do some entertaining in your home this Holiday Season, it’s a good idea to bookmark this page! Effective stain treatment is an important part of keeping your furnishings looking like new!

Tip #1: Respond Quickly to Stains

The golden rule with any fabric stain is to deal with it as swiftly as possible.  The longer soil and stains stay on fabric, the harder they are to remove.

Tip #2: Easy Does It

When treating fabric stains, do NOT rub.  Instead, “dab” or “blot” with an absorbent cloth, facial tissue or sponge.  Personally, I love non-fragranced baby wipes as they are gentle on fabrics.  For stains like butter or sauce, scrape off the excess with a knife and proceed with dabbing motion. If blotting does not remove the stain entirely, proceed with the appropriate spot cleaning method.

Tip #3: Less is More

Even fabrics that are deemed “washable” should not be laundered too often as this can break down the fibers over time, impair colours and cause shrinking.  Be advised the term “washable” when used in relation to home decor fabrics refers to gentle hand-washing in warm water (under 30 degrees), NOT machine-washing.

Window treatments need only be cleaned (washed or dry-cleaned) once or twice a year and upholstery should be cleaned as required.  Light vacuuming and spot cleaning should suffice between cleaning.

If you are washing to treat fabric stains don’t be too hasty with the soap suds or you’ll make the problem worse by either embedding the stain or causing the whole item to shrink and distort.

Tip #4: Keep Fabric Aerated

Curtains should be hung at least 10cm from the glass to enable air to circulate around the fabric.  This assists in preventing mildew and reduces heat build up, both of which can adversely affect your fabric.

Similarly, outdoor fabrics should not be left sitting in water or in direct sunlight for long periods of time as this will cause the fabric and foam to rot.

Tip #5: Spot Test Before Treatment

It’s a good idea to order an extra metre of fabric to test cleaning methods and products before using these on your precious custom furnishings.

Tip #6: Always Follow Care Codes

Always refer to your fabric’s care code before undertaking any cleaning methods as every fabric has specific maintenance instructions.

Decorators Market provides care guides for all of our advertised fabrics under the “Additional Information” on the respective product page.

If in doubt, contact one of our friendly customer service representatives and we’d be happy to provide further guidance on caring for your fabric.

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